Since the start of business operations in 1995, Alternative Power Distribution has been a leader in providing Energy Efficiency Improvement Projects for residential and commercial needs.

Alternative Power Distribution, Inc. was established by Catherine J. Wang of Las Vegas, NV.  The initial focus of their business was commercial lighting projects for major local hospitals, medical clinics and fitness centers.  The original philosophy of this business included the promotion of environmentally safe lighting alternatives to reduce energy consumption and increase lighting quality.

From this philosophy, Alternative Power Distribution expanded to meet the increasing need for more efficient forms of energy.  Today, Alternative Power Distribution serves the community as a forerunner in residential and commercial sales, service, installation and warranty repair of standby generators.

As solar technology became a viable alternative to fossil fuels, Alternative Power Distribution  expanded into the solar voltaic and solar thermal industry. Sales, service and warranty of solar-powered energy is currently underway. With 16 years of service, the Solar Energy Services division of Alternative Power Distribution is here to stay and will continue to meet the needs of our customers in the future.